Who We Are

NORDIQUE Luxury Travel Concierge provides exclusive and tailormade luxury tours to Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland. Impressive industry expertise and an extensive network uniquely position our enterprise to offer true one-of-a-kind adventures throughout the Nordic countries. Every NORDIQUE excursion is highly customized, skillfully organized and executed by our team with discretion, safety, and style in mind. Providing unparalleled service to our clients and creating unforgettable life experiences is our passion. 

Private Skies Ltd., the company behind NORDIQUE Private Travel Concierge, was founded in 2014 by Roope Kekäläinen. Private Skies is an authority in air travel and destination design, known for its expansive network and expertise in Nordic luxury. Since the company’s inception, Private Skies has had the pleasure to serve both business and luxury travelers in Finland and across Europe. Global minded yet Scandinavian at heart, we believe in personalized service. Our promise is to make your experience of the NORDIC countries UNIQUE. That is us: NORDIQUE.

Behind the Idea of NORDIQUE

Each of the three founders of NORDIQUE offers a unique perspective and specialty in the ultra-luxury travel space. Let us introduce you to the heart and soul of NORDIQUE.

Roope Kekäläinen

Since founding Private Skies Ltd., Roope has been serving high-end customers discreetly and diligently.  He understands what true privacy and confidentiality mean and strives to do whatever it takes to fulfill every client’s wishes. Roope is a professional pilot backed by years of experience flying with large aviation companies.  With NORDIQUE, he can now focus on providing a more exclusive service, leveraging his vast knowledge of Scandinavia with the use of private jets and helicopters

+358 50 363 8174

Annika Eerola

Annika has built relationships with an incomparable network of the best service providers in Scandinavia, and her deep understanding of luxury travel allow her to pinpoint the key elements for planning the ultimate luxury experience. Annika never gives up when it comes to making clients’ wishes come true. She loves the challenge of reaching higher to exceed expectations. As part of the yachting world and an avid private jet flyer—both as a pilot and client—Annika is personally familiar with many modes of luxury travel. A true expert on Scandinavia, she can help you find the right highlight for the right season, from helicopters in Iceland to fun in the snows of Lapland. Annika is globally minded, having lived in several countries. She at home in nature, in the city or out on an adventure.
 +358 50 338 1366

Lisa Keskinen

Lisa loves to wander through Copenhagen’s design stores and museums or partake in fika in Stockholm. She is a perfectionist and takes great care to ensure that every detail of your trip is accounted for, to the most stringent measurement of high quality. She lives for taking on challenging projects and is not afraid of pressure and timetables.
+358 400 913 077

Our vision is:

To raise Scandinavian luxury travel to a new level by offering the most exclusive experiences and destinations while helping customers to achieve their travel dreams by creating unforgettable memories for a lifetime.

Our values are:

Privacy, confidentiality, service, uniqueness, ingenuity and becoming the number one professional provider of ultra-luxury travel in Scandinavia.

“NORDIQUE raises luxury Scandinavian travel into a new level. We stand behind the values and visions of NORDIQUE Luxury Travel Concierge, and we take care that all of our personnel value the same thoughts and soul as we as founders do.”